Champions of For Fortune-Favoured

Southern Delight Amy
Born 1991
JW.92, W.93, Lux Junior Champion, NL and Lux Champion.
Breeder: Groot Owner: Mr. J.l.H.Jennes

Time of Themba of the Fields Society
Born 2000
NL, Lux, NL Veteran Champion and VeteranWinster 2010
Breeder: E.Canta-Zintel Owner: Mr. and Mrs. Jennes-Struik

Viva Vienna of the Fields Society
Born 2001
JW.W.02 and JW.02
Breeder: E.Canta-Zintel Owner : Mrs F.G.H.Jennes-Struik

Brittley For Fortune-favoured
Born 2002
Lux Junior Champion,NL and Lux Champion, Belg W.03 and NL W.06
Breeder/owner Mr.and Mrs.Jennes-Struik

Bessie(Bess) For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2002
NL Champion
Breeder:Jennes-Struik Owner: Dorien Prins

Barcley For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2002
Breeder:Jennes-Struik Owner : J. Janssen

Catelina (Cate) For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2003
NL Champion, W.05 and Vet. W.11
NL Veteran Champion Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owner : Mss. Astrid Blok

Dana For Fortune-favoured
Born 2004
NL and Lux Champion
Breeder/owner Mr.and Mrs Jennes-Struik

Dauphin Sam For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2004
NL Champion, CW.09
Breeder:Jennes-Struik Owner: van den Brink

Extra-Britt For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2005
NL and Lux Champion, W.10, Int. Show Champion (C.I.E.)
Veteran Winster 2013
NL/Lux/Benelux VeteranChampion 2014
Lux and NL Veteran BeneluxWinner.14

Aybo of Bloodline
Born 2006
Lux Junior Champion
Breeder:Ingrid Walder Owner: F.Jennes-Struik

Gravin Chica For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2006
Lux Junior Champion
Breeder/owner Jennes-Struik

Hira-Britt For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2008
JW 08 , NL and Lux Junior Champion, NL Champion
Breeder/owner Jennes-Struik

Hertog-Douwe For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2008
JW 08 , NL Junior Champion, NL Champion
Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owner: M.Brands and F.Verhoef

Jonkvrouw Amy For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2008
JW 09 , W.09
Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owner: W.van Zon-Kuiper

Jeberos For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2008
CH Junior Champion, European Winner 2011, CH and VDH Champioen, C.I.E.
Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owner: Christa Graff ( Switzerland)

Winterbourne Going Dutch
Born 2009
Lux and NL Junior Champion
Breeder: Maria Köhlström Owner: F.Jennes-Struik

Lady Kismet For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2009
Lux.10 and 11, NL.11 Junior Champion
Dutch and Lux. Champion, Int. Show Champion (C.I.E.)
Breeder/Owner Jennes-Struik Co-owner D.Struik-Mosley

Lord Avalon (Tristan) For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2009
SE U(u)CH,NO Ch, Nordic JW.10 and Nordic.W.10,
Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owner: Maria Köhlström and Madelene Ryberg (Zweden

Nova-Nibbles For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2010
European JuniorWinner 2011, Dutch Juniorchampion 2011, Dutch JW.11 and W.11
NL/B/Lux/German VDH Champion and Int. Show Champion (C.I.E.), Bundessieger 2013
Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owner: N. Venken-Eerdekens (Belgium)

Nova-Nolene For Fortune Favoured
Born 2010
Europees JeugdWinster 2011, Dutch Juniorchampion 2011, Dutch JW.11 and W.11
Dutch and Lux Champion
Dutch BeneluxWinner.14
Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owner: S. Stubbe-v. Roest & R. Stubbe

Fletcher (Sonnetend Canefields Touch)
Male dog, Born 2012
JW.12 en W.12 Amsterdam, JW.12 Brussel, Lux/NL/B Juniorchampion 2013
Winner 2013 Brussel Belgium, Lux/NL Champion
Breeder: Mr & Mrs M&D Stone Owner: Nico Venken , Co Owner: Fenny Jennes-Struik

Prins Lieven For Fortune Favoured
Born 21-8-2012
Finnish Champion
Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owner: Jaana Kerman

Nova-Nikita For Fortune-Favoured
Born 2010
Dutch Champion
Breeder: Jennes-Struik Owners: N. de Koning and Jennes-Struik