We call her Hira

Hira For Fortune-Favoured was born on 22-01-2008. The mother is Brittley For Fortune Favoured and the father is Aybo of Bloodline Hira comes out of one of our own litter.
We are very pleased to have her living with us and our other Fields.
We hope to breed with her in the future.
We started in October 2008 to exhibit her on Shows in the Netherlands. She seems to be talented, because she won after 4 shows already 2 titles

On the 29th of March 2009 she got the title "Luxembourg Youth Champion" and qualified for the second time to entry Crufts 2010

On the 30th of May 2010 she got the title "Dutch Champion"

* Eyes : Cat/PRA etc Free (tested 23-06-2010)
* Youth Winner 2008
* Dutch Youthchampion (NJK)
* Luxembourg Youth Champion
* Dutch Champion

hira's photo's