About us:

We are Jo and Fenny Jennes-Struik and we live in the south of the Netherlands. In the area we have enough woods for walking in.
In 1991 our first Field spaniels came into our lives.: Angie and Amy. We wanted to start breeding with them.
In 1993 we got the kennel name "FOR FORTUNE-FAVOURED". Unfortunately we couldn't breed with these dogs. We only breed with dogs that meet the demands of the Field Spaniel Club Netherlands (FSCN)

In that time we were also breeding with the Heidewachtel (Small Munsterlander) under a different kennel name.
We only breed dogs as a hobby and 2 different breeds were too much for us to handle, therefore we stopped in 2002 with this breed.

Our definitive choice is to continue with the Field spaniel. In July 2000 came "Time of Themba of The Fields Society" in our live. She met all demands of the FSCN.
Our dream came true: The litter, where Barclay and Brittley where part of, was our first own breed of the Field spaniels. (It was a litter of 7 pups)
In the meantime we have several Fields, were we can do further breeding with. We are very pleased with this beautiful breed. Their character addresses us at most and we can't imagine a life without them.

As long as we enjoy good health, we want to be able to contribute to this breed.
The older animals must meet then also the norms of the FSCN. We attend the pups with much care, till they go to their new owners. We are willing to answer any questions you have.
The languages we use are Dutch, German and English.
The English goes partially through us and finally through my brother Lambert Struik.

Col: Ned 04855131174 or 00314855131174