Breed Standaard: Field Spaniel

General Appearance:
That of well, Balanced, noble,upstanding, sporting dog; built for activity and endurance, a combination of beauty and ulity and unusual docility.

Ideal dog for rough schooting or as a companion for the country dweller. Not suitable for the city.

Of unusual docility, active, sensitive but of an independent nature.

Head and Skull:
Should convey the impression of high breeding, character and nobility. Well chiselled, occiput wel defined, lean beneath the eyes. A thicknes here gives coarseness to the whole head. Sligthtkey raised eyebrows. Moderale stop. Muzzle long and lean neither snipey nor squarely cut. In profile curving gradually from nose to throat. Nose well developed with good open nostrils.

Wide open but almond shaped with tight lids showing no haw. Grave and gentle in expression. Dark hazel in color.

Moderalety long and wite, set low and well feathered.

Full definition of scissor bite.

Long, strong and muscular, so as to enable the dog to retrieve his game without due fatique.

Shoulders long and sloping and well laid back. Legs of moderate length straight, flat bone

Chest deep and well developed. Rips moderately wel sprung. Length of ricage is 2/3 of the body length. Back and lion strong, level and musculature.

Strong, muscular and stifles moderately bent. Hocks well let down

Tight, round with strong pads and not to small.

Gait/ movement:
Long, unhurried stride. With great drive from the rear. Short stumpy actions to be discouraged.

Customarily docked.
Docked: Docked by 1/3. Set onlow. Never carried above level of back, nicely Feathered with lively action.

Set low, never carried obove level of back. Reaches approximately to the hocks. Of moderate length in balance with the rest of the dog.

Long, flat, glossy and silky in texture. Never curly, short or wiry. Dense and weaterproof. Abundant feathering on chest, under body and behind, but clean from hock to ground.

Appox 18 ins at the shoulders.
Weight between 40-55 Ibs. f. Jennes-Struik