River's photo's
Winterbourne I Have A Dream roepnaam River
Born: 23 September 2012

I (Fenny) went by air on the 20th of November 2012 to Sweden to collect him. It is always a nice experience to fly with a puppy of 8 weeks old.
It is lovel that a small puppy can travel together with you in the cabin.

Breeder Maria Köhlström
Owner Peggy Van Gheluwe tel 0032 486300617.
Co-Owner F.G.H.Jennes-Struik

He is a son of:
Mother: Winterbourne Woops-A-Daisy name Daisy
Father: Tórnskogen Tom Timmermans name Lukas.

He is a fine studdog.

* HD: A
* PRA, Cat etc. Free
* Exterieur : Excelling
* DNA : Has been tested

*Luxembourg Benelux Winner 2014
*Belgium Winner 2014
*Brussel Benelux Winner 2014
*Luxembourg Champion 2015


River BOB Show Echt 2013. Judge Mrs Geringer (USA)